Help For Domestic Violence Victims

There has been talk about domestic violence over the past few weeks.

But the real question is… where should victims go for help?

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tell us just that.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence about 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.

The YWCA wants victims to know that they have options.

Audra Fullerton is a Public Education Coordinator for the YWCA.

She works at the Center for Safety and Empowerment” branch in Topeka.

She says the center is there to support domestic violence victims each step of the way.

“They can use our support group, they can meet with us individually, we can go to them..go with them to court or medical appointments or anything where they would really like some support on,” Fullerton said.

Prosecution of their attacker doesn’t necessarily mean safety.

Fullerton says “what to do next” all depends on the victim’s situation.

“So what victims do in response to that battering is going to be different for every victim, sometimes it’s going to be safe for them to do one thing and it would be very unsafe for another victim to do that same thing,” Fullerton said.

Domestic situations can be so complex that there could be multiple things a victim needs to do in order to move forward.

Fullerton says the center has many resources which victims can use.

“We also have a lot of expertise around what services are available to victims and their, and their situation in our community,” Fullerton said.

The center’s main priority is helping victims in the safest way possible.

If there is an immediate safety concern call 911.

The first step in getting help, is calling the center’s hotline at 1-888-822-2983.

The hotline is available not only for victims but also for friends and family of victims.

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