House passes bill tightening qualifications for pharmacy technicians in Kansas

Pharmacy Technician Information

This bill will allow the Board of Pharmacy to put into place a tech certification which will raise the standards of pharmacy techs throughout the state.”

Greg Burger is a Clinical Pharmacist in Lawrence.
He says, this will affect both clinical and retail aspects of his profession.
1.3 million are injured from pharmacy tech errors each year according to the FDA.

On Thursday a bill aimed at ending accidental deaths was passed by the House, now it’s off to the Senate for discussion.
Representative Don Hill is both a supporter of this bill and a retail pharmacist.
The Emporia Republican says this issue needs to be taken more seriously.

“Right now Kansas doesn’t have particularly rigorous technician certification requirements, it’s very voluntary. This is really just a campaign to allowing the board of pharmacy to dive into this area and to be sure that our pharmacy technicians are at the appropriate level of expertise and proficiency.”

Hill says the stress level of hospital pharmacy techs makes it crucial for them to have the necessary skills.

“They’re doing mechanical tasks, involved in different preparation it’s very important in that setting for sure that technicians have a high level of proficiency, are certified and most institutions stipulate and require that as an institutional practice. ”

As for the future of this bill, Burger says the goal is to help protect the public.
“There’s a saying in health care, no outcome no income. Pharmacists have to be involved in that outcome. We have to be more involved in making sure that the patient gets a good result for any medication they take.”


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