US Senate candidate accuses Sen. Roberts’ campaign of working with Dems

In the race for a U.S. Senate seat in Kansas, a Republican candidate is making claims that long-time Senator Pat Roberts is getting help from the state’s Democratic party.

Dr. Milton Wolf – who is up against Roberts in the state’s Republican primary held a campaign event Thursday afternoon at the Celtic Fox in Topeka with the Tea Party Express.

The group endorsed Wolf Thursday.

In a speech Thursday, Wolf said Roberts’ camp is distributing talking points targeting Wolf’s campaign….that are coming from the state’s Democratic party chairwoman.

“Yes, his campaign manager was releasing quoted statements from the chairwoman of the Kansas Democratic party,” Wolf said.

Kansas First News reached out to Roberts’ Executive Campaign Manager, Leroy Towns, about Wolf’s claims.

In response to Wolf’s allegation, Towns says, “he has nothing to back it up. It’s a joke.”

While talking to the media, Wolf did say, quote “I’m sorry” in reference to the recent controversy about x-ray images and comments he posted on social media years ago.

Wolf did say if he is elected to the U.S. Senate, he does not plan to be a career politician and will return to practicing medicine.

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