Winter preparation brings business to stores in Topeka

Sleet and snow has begun to fall and that means slick roads and a cold start to your morning.

As unseasonable as this storm may be preparation was not taken lightly.

When weather like this hits people head to the store buying everything they need all in preparation for the worst.

Brenda Gockel is one of many caught off guard by this winter storm.

“Just going to the store getting some groceries and got my shovel ready.”

Kansas First News has been tracking this weekend winter wallop for nearly a week.
The unseasonal timing brought many to stores like Menards buying shovels, ice picks and ice melt.

Assistant General Manager at Menards, Kevin Gleason was under the impression that the snow period had ended for the year.
Work went into double time on orders when rumor spread about the storm.

“About three or four days ago we heard that we had a pretty good storm coming so we’ve been trying to get as much stuff here as we can sell what we can and help everybody out.”

Gleason also says, they ordered 12 boxes of shovels Friday and on Saturday only one remained.
They also have dealt with a shortage of ice melt.

“Ice melts been pretty rough year for that with up north being a lot more than we have but I think this is our first real shot of ice so people have been rushing in for that.”

With a little bit left it’s hoped to last.
Unlike snow blowers which have all been sold even after more were ordered for the rush.

Now what happens next is up to mother nature.

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