Call volume light for AAA after weekend winter storm

AAA reports that despite the weekend storm, and being ready for it, call volume has been surprisingly light.

Since 9 p.m. Saturday, the AAA Dispatch Center has responded to 330 calls for roadside service.  149 of those calls were Sunday and 165 Monday morning, as of 11.

“With many closings yesterday during the storm, most people were able to stay off the streets and that kept the number of disablements under control,” said Jim Hanni, AAA spokesman.

This morning, AAA’s Roadside Rescue Team has responded to 46 calls in the Wichita area, 38 in the Topeka area and 14 in Lawrence, with another 67 calls received for other parts of the state.

One-third of all the requests for service had to do with battery & charging issues. Towing has been required for 29 percent of the calls for service, with about 15 percent each for tire issues and keys locked in the car, the latter of which has been primarily due to situations where the vehicle was being warmed up and the keys locked in the car.  About 5 percent of the calls have been for winching vehicles that are stuck, run off the roadway.

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