New boundaries for Shawnee Heights district will relocate 96 students


Nearly 100 students will be relocated next school year as board members for USD 450 voted for new boundary changes Monday evening. The board voted 6-1 for for option 2A, which will shift 96 students to ultimately even out the enrollment at the four elementary schools.

Superintendent of USD 450, Marty Stessman, says option 2A will move 47 students from Shawnee Heights to Tecumseh North, 37 students from Berryton Elementary to Tecumseh South, and 12 students from Tecumseh South to Tecumseh North.

Before Monday evening, the board had narrowed down the boundary options to two, option 2A and option 5A. Stessman says 5A would have relocated nearly 400 students in total. 5A would have moved 37 students from Berryton Elementary to Tecumseh South, 74 from Shawnee Heights to Tecumseh North, 100 from Shawnee Heights to Tecumseh South, 28 from Tecumseh North to Tecumseh South and 153 from Tecumseh South to Shawnee Heights.

“They had a couple of different criteria,” said Stessman about the board members’ decision, “One was it should even out enrollment among the four elementary buildings, two, that transportation should make sense, three that it should keep neighborhoods in tact, and four that it would minimize the number of students impacted.”

Some parents who spoke Monday evening said they hoped the board would choose the decision which affected the fewest people.

“I really think that they’ve done a good job of listening to the concerns of everybody in the district,” said parent Lauren Tice, “And I think they made a decision based on what is actually in the best interest of the district and that’s really what we were asking for.”

The changes will take effect starting next school year.

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