Topeka family stuck in Ukraine waiting for final passport

The Jenkins family

Tensions are rising in Ukraine as Russia continues to flex its military muscles.
Monday, Russia reportedly warned the Ukrainian government to surrender or face a storm. That news is not good for a Topeka family stuck in Kiev.

“That’s got us frightened. They’re really not in any position to put up a fight here,” said Don Jenkins.

It has been a long month for Don Jenkins, his wife, and their four newly adopted children.
The country they are in, is in unrest. And they cannot get passports for their Ukrainian children in their hands.
Jenkins has been warned that many people are fleeing the country for Russia. Some of those who have left may be the very ones the Jenkins needed to finish processing their passports.

“Its just getting very aggravating because we’re not getting any information,” said Jenkins.

This weekend, Russia invaded Ukraine’s Crimean region. Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will not back down until the Ukrainian supporters surrender power.

Ukrainian supporters are gathering in Kiev’s Independence Square, just four blocks from where the Jenkins are staying.

“There are people still walking around with body armor, carrying bats, they’re still stockpiling bricks, the barricades are still up, everything is still in tact in case they have to use it again,” said Jenkins.

Secretary of State John Kerry is making the trip to Kiev Tuesday. The Jenkins are trying to get a meeting with him to ask for help.

“At this point, we’re reaching out to anybody that we think could possibly help us get things moving again. We even joked how it would be nice just to fly on his plane and go back home with him, but I don’t know that that’s going to happen,” said Jenkins.

The only silver lining, they have nothing but time to spend with their new kids.

Jenkins says three of their four children’s four passports are printed and ready. But they cannot leave until they are all in hand.

Jenkins also says cash is getting harder to come by. They can still use their credit cards, but right now, businesses only want cash.

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