City of Topeka connecting to neighbors Nextdoor

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The City of Topeka and the Topeka Police Department have launched a partnership with social media website Nextdoor.

The Capital City is the first to launch in Kansas. We recently told you about the site and app that allow neighbors to connect in a format similar Facebook. Each neighborhood is a private group. The city will now post community events, government meetings as well as crime and safety alerts.

City spokeswoman Suzie Gilbert encourages residents to sign up: “Spread the word about Nextdoor and keep growing your neighborhoods for a better Topeka!”

The website is easy to use and requires minimal information to confirm that you live in the neighborhood. This protects both your’s and your neighbors’ privacy. For new neighborhoods, Nextdoor will send out 100 free postcards notifying your neighbors of the new website. It will also allow you to print door hangers to spread around the neighborhood.

“I want it to be successful because it would be very helpful for our neighborhood,” said Rose Mary Medrano.

Rose Mary Medrano lives in the Valley Park neighborhood. Her neighborhood improvement association is six years old, but now, thanks to a new type of social media, getting connected will be much easier.

“This would be the next best thing to keep in touch with each other, and to alert one another and to communicate as to what the activities are in our area,” said Medrano.

Medrano’s neighborhood started their profile last Thursday.

The City of Topeka brought the networking website to every neighborhood in the city about a year ago, people can communicate and connect with their neighbors virtually.

“Forty years ago, everybody spent time on their front porch, technology drove us indoors, it’s this technology that is creating this virtual neighborhood for people to meet their neighbors again,” said Lt. Darin Scott, with the Topeka Police Department.

Topeka currently has 49 different neighborhoods registered on the website.

“We’re really running with this for the City of Topeka. We want Topeka to be a city,” said Scott.

Medrano says having her neighborhood active on will improve not only communication, but relations between her neighbors.

“Instead of going door-to-door and I think so, I think it will help putting the word out, we need volunteers for games or participants or whatever we’re going to need,” said Medrano.

Instead of ringing a doorbell, your neighbors are just a click away. You have to be able to verify your address before you can get into your neighborhood’s group. No one else can sign into your neighborhood.

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