Topeka parents concerned about toddler’s insurance

A Topeka family is wondering how they will pay for necessary food for their son after they learned their insurance won’t cover it.

Jessica Collins’ son Jackson has a rare condition called “PKU”: Phenklketonuria. Jackson can’t process certain amino acids and so too much protein in his diet can lead to a build up of the acid in his body.

Jackson is only 2 years old now and his doctor has always prescribed a special formula for him so he can get the nutrients he needs.

The Collins’ insurance covered it until he turned one. Now Jessica says their insurance company won’t cover it.

“They told us if we want to look at the policy we’re welcome to but they have not been grateful whatsoever, says Jessica.” Now I don’t think they even care, honestly, they are aware it’s medically necessary for Jackson, they know what can happen if he doesn’t have it.   We’re going to make sure he gets it no matter what they do but if he doesn’t have it, they’ll pay more in neurological defects than it would be to pay for the formula.”

The Mayo Clinic reports if that build up happens it can lead to mental developmental disabilities, behavior or social problems, even seizures and stunted growth.

The Collins’ are hoping to get lawmakers to change Kansas law to force insurance providers to cover medically necessary foods.

The Kansas Insurance Commissioner’s office told Kansas First News there have been several bills to do just that in the state but all of them have failed.

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