Fort Riley integrates new, more efficient training system

We’re in an economic climate that calls for cutting costs – and the military is no different. Fort Riley is using new technology to better train its soldiers on a lower budget.

It’s the training these soldiers have done time and time again, only now it’s simultaneous. Fort Riley is using new technology on post to integrate three independent training systems – live, virtual and constructive.

“So now you have pilots who are operating aviation simulators on the other side of post who are now able to interact with soldiers operating Bradley fighting simulators just outside of the simulated command post,” says Major Martin O’Donnell.

Leaders say more efficient virtual training means a better performance out in the field.

“[It} gets a number of repetitions up, added safety factors and definitely a higher training level when the soldiers will go to a live fire at versus before,” says Major Andy Dugger.

If soldiers do need a little more work, they can practice virtually as much as they want.

“Not wasting ammunition costs, not wasting fuel costs, not wasting maintaining costs,” O’Donnell adds.

Fort Riley is the sixth installation to use this new technology, but they’re the first to train on it with most of their soldiers deployed or off post.

“In the constructive environment, it allows us to replicate soldiers that wouldn’t otherwise be there and then obviously the soldiers operating the virtual world or even in the live world, see those soldiers on their computer screens,” O’Donnell says.

O’Donnell expects every Army installation across the country will eventually use this technology and it will continue to improve and adapt over time.

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