Suspect hangs himself after admitting to 30-year-old murder


(KCRA)  A man suspected in the 1983 murder of a Fairfield, California mother has taken his own life after being confronted with evidence of his involvement in the crime.

40-year-old Priscilla Strole was found dead in her home after a gruesome sexual assault and beating. She had numerous injuries to her face and head from kitchen knives, a can opener and a piece of decorative wood.

A number of leads were followed, but no suspect was ever identified.

In January, cold case detectives gathered finger prints from the scene and were able to match them to Robert Hathaway, a 48-year-old Fairfield resident.

Hathaway 17-years-old when Strole was murdered, and was a friend of her then 15-year-old son, officers said.

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