Animal Cruelty in Shawnee County

Animal cruelty is illegal in Kansas.

The state defines it as causing any kind of physical harm to an animal.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tell us how the Helping Hands Humane Society” handles cases of animals who have experienced it.

The Humane Society tries to help animals once Shawnee County Animal Control brings them to it’s facility.

Calvin is only three months old.

He’s one of the many victims of animal cruelty the Helping Hands Humane Society has helped so far this year.

When he was brought in two weeks ago he could barely move.

“We found out that Calvin had a broken front leg and a broken back knee from someone either throwing him out of a car or dropping him or throwing him from a high place,” the Director of Animal Welfare at the Humane Society in Topeka said.

She says they try to help every animal that comes in through their doors but couldn’t help Calvin’s sister who also came in that sad day.

“Unfortunately we were unable, she had to many broken bones and things like that, we were unable to save her,” Price said.

When animals come into the facility and are suspected to be victims, the Humane Society makes sure a veterinarian gets to see them right away.

Price says they provide all the services a victim could possibly need.

“If they come in as a cruelty case, they’re seen by the city vet and then we take care of them while they’re here till the courts decide what they’re going to do with them,” Price said.

As for Calvin, right now he’s recovering from surgery and is being fostered.

He’s limited to the physical activity he can do so he can’t play with other dogs, but in a few weeks the pup will be running around and ready for adoption.

According to the 2013 State Rankings of the Humane Society of the United States, Kansas ranked 35th in it’s laws and public policy dealing with animal cruelty.

If you suspect any animal cruelty in the area call animal control at 785-368-2000 to report it.

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