Battle brewing over ACA navigators

There’s a battle brewing over a bill that would require background checks for people working to help others gin up for health insurance through the national exchange online.

The bill’s biggest supporter says it will protect Kansas consumers but others tell Kansas First News Reporter Kevin Boughton that the bill is designed to make it harder for people to sign up for Obamacare.

Every week at the Shawnee County Health Agency navigators help people shop for and buy health insurance on The Health Care Insurance Navigator Registration Act would put in place regulations people must meet before they can sit down with clients.

If it passes, the state would require would be navigators to submit to a background check. Cary a $10,000 security bond and go through the process every year and pay a registration fee to the Attorney General’s Office.

The bill is scheduled to be heard Thursday afternoon.

The state estimates that if it passes, senate bill 362 will cost Kansas $40,000 a year.

Fees paid to the Attorney General’s Office would be used to pay for background checks.

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