Officials and business owners prepare for 21st St. construction

City officials, emergency response teams and business owners are preparing for tougher travel once construction begins on a Southwest Topeka Road.

Three days ago, the Topeka City Council approved a construction project that will turn 21st Street into a three lane road from Urish to Indian Hills.

It was a decision made by Shawnee County residents in 2004 when they voted for a county wide half cent sales tax.

Now, the City is responding to concerns about how this construction will impact surrounding business and emergency response.

“Obviously when we work on a three lane road like this, there will be some closures to get the road done,” says Department of Public Works Director, Doug Whitacre. “So there will be obviously some disruption to the businesses, we will work through that with the businesses and provide alternate accesses, so we will make sure that they have that and minimize the disruption as much as we can.”

City officials say the construction should begin sometime in 2015 or 2016.

That will give some time to adjust and prepare for construction.

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