Topeka family is finally heading home from Ukraine

The Jenkins family

**To donate to the Jenkins family and their children, accounts have been set by family and friends at all Core First Banks and Trust locations.
There is also a fund set up by the family’s church, the Northland Christian church at the Silver Lake Bank.**

With passports finally in hand an exhausted and relieved Don Jenkins is happy to say he and his wife Lisa and their 4 newly adopted Ukrainian children are coming home.

Their trouble started about three weeks ago when violent protests began in the capital of Kiev.

That stalled processing of the kids government papers including the passports they needed to leave Ukraine.
After a string of disappointments and overcoming big obstacles, Don Jenkins says their luck finally changed.

“Last night things starting falling into place we got a phone call that the last passport was printed. We all went to the embassy we spent the afternoon there and walked out with our passports and visas.”

Looking back at the entire experience Don speaks for the whole family when he says there will be a life time of stories to tell.

“It’s been such a wide range of emotion we’ve had great times here, happy times, there was just times at the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s been like an emotional roller coaster the whole way.”

Among the handful of family waiting back in Topeka for the Jenkins family is Lisa’s niece Sarah Ditch.
Who’s anxious to see her aunt home safe and sound.

“We do all know that it is coming to an end and we finally got answers. It will be more than happy to have them home tomorrow.”

Don says, even though that flight is booked, the family is still sitting and waiting.

“I’ll feel much better when that plane lifts off and we take off from the airport then it’ll be a big sigh of relief.”

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