Local Topekan in the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games

The 2014 Paralymic Winter Games is having its opening ceremony today.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us why local lieutenant commander Dan Cnossen’s decided to join the paralymics.

You are going to want to watch because one of the athletes participating is a Topeka local.

Navy Lt. Commander Dan Cnossen lost both legs above the knee to an explosive device in the Afghanistan War in 2009.

His mother Alice Landers says his recovery was a family effort between her and Cnossen’s little sister.

“She was working in new york, she had just started when this happened and she quit her job and came to Washington D.C. to be his, they call it non medical attendant,” Landers said.

His mother says Cnossen had to do a lot of physical therapy while in recovery, that’s where his new passion in life, the Paralymics came to play.

“So what they do there they give the wounded warriors all involved in a lot of activities, all just lots of different things but for him the best was the Paralympics,” Landers said.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him now but Cnossen’s recovery took two years.

Although he’s still in the Navy… he’s able to train full-time for the Paralymics in Colorado.

Cnossen’s first competition is the biathlon on March 8th.

Throughout next week Kansas First News will be informing you when Lt. Cnossen will be competing.

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