Retiring military dog reunited with former partner

(WTWO)  It was a hero’s welcome Thursday in Bloomfield, Indiana.

The community lined the streets to cheer on the arrival of its newest member, a retiring military service dog named General Jackson.

General Jackson is no stranger Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Harvey Holt, who’s made it his mission to give him a permanent home.

The pair were partners seven years ago when Holt was in the Air Force.

“I had made him a promise in Iraq that I would bring him back–if he brought me back safe, I would have brought him back and gave him a good home the rest of his life,” says Holt.

That’s what’s going to happen.

Holt got the phone call last week. After years of checking up on his partner and trying to secure his adoption, he was scared he was about to hear that Jackson had died.

The news was much better.

“His first question out of his mouth was did I still want Jackson, and I was in shock for a second and I remember saying, ‘Yes, when do I get there?'” he recalls.

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