Seaman football star shines in All-Star Game

Wyatt Hendrix enters his senior season at Seaman H.S. with great expectations on the gridiron.

Seaman High School’s Wyatt Hendrix has always had a passion for football. His father and brother both played the game.

Now, Wyatt’s following in their footsteps and No. 98 is reaching new heights.

“Over the past year I’ve just kind of realized that I can do it if I want to,” Hendrix said.

Wyatt played in the 2014 International Bowl game where he was selected to participate on the U.S. National under-18 squad.

“I went to development camp, and that was one weekend, and then they chose guys from that,” Hendrix said. “Then we’d go to a week-long camp, full pads. And then from that, they would evaluate you and choose you from there, and they would select guys from that to be on the team.”

In a game against Topeka High last fall, Wyatt broke his right ankle. He said immediately that he knew it was broken, but told doctors that he had to be 100 percent by February.

“I  just went to therapy about three times a week and really pushed myself to get it healed up,” Hendrix said.

As for the game itself, Wyatt had a pass deflection for Team USA. He added 10 tackles against the Canadian opponents.

The enhanced competition brought out the best in the Seaman star.

“It was just another game, but it made me realize I can play at the top level and that I can hang with anybody and just play,” Hendrix said.

Following the game, Wyatt was one of 17 players chosen as a 2014 USA Football top prospect.

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