Council member challenges City on code enforcement

A Topeka Council Member is taking the city to task over its code enforcement but the city released documents that show his criticism may be jumping the gun.

John Campos says he was tired of looking at piles of trash behind a home in Topeka’s Oakland neighborhood.

He first reported it in October, on the 17th a city worker inspected the home and took a photo of the front yard looking much like it does today.

This past weekend, Campos rounded up some volunteers and they went to work removing 20 bags worth of soiled carpeting and trash, but did they have to?

Topeka Communication Director Suzie Gilbert says city crews were scheduled to clean up the mess on March 18th, a week later.

Tuesday the Council is scheduled to vote on a grant process to improve neighborhoods in Oakland, it’s a step in the right direction according to Campos but he wants a way to improve home ownership and pride on these streets.

The Topeka City Council approved the Oakland neighborhood

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