Disease leaves girl with never-ending sense of hunger

(KVLY)  “We had gotten the conformation that she had been tested for Prader-Willi syndrome, I cried,” says Sam Redzanic, “and then I think as I cried I had to morn the loss of the baby I thought I’d have.”

Redzanic now watches her 7-year-old daughter, Addy, play the role of a mother with her baby dolls.

Doctors had once said she wouldn’t be able to walk or want to hug anyone, but Sam has watched Addy grow past expectations, and is amazed at the strides she has taken.

“We had to re-plan our life, and learn about her,” Sam explains, “and she has done everything above and beyond what we could ever imagine as far as having a Prader-Willi child.”

But there are still everyday struggles like keeping the kitchen locked along with the fridge and cupboards.

“If she does get into something and I don’t lock my cupboards she’s going to burst her stomach and I’m going to find my daughter somewhere where I don’t want to,” Sam says with worry in her eyes.

Prader-Willi not only affects Addy’s muscle tone, but she has the feeling of always being hungry.

“I call it cookie monster,” Addy explains it.

“You know when you are full. You get that satisfaction at the end of a Thanksgiving meal when you are overly stuffed and think you are doing to burst and you can stop yourself, but this little girl can’t,” Sam says, “she’s going to die if she eats that much and can’t feel.”

Read more: http://bit.ly/1ik8sWE

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