How the Red Cross can help

Dry conditions and high winds can threaten properties and homes.

If damage is done, the American Red Cross is one organization that steps in to help pick up the pieces.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us tell us how the Red ross” can help you.

A house fire isn’t something you want to happen but the Red Cross is there to help you figure out what to do next if it does.

The Red Cross helps victims of house fires in many ways for as long as they need it.

Disaster Program Manager at the Topeka Red Cross office Lisa Biggs says the first thing they do is interview the victims.

“This interview is just to help us find out what they really need, we what to know what their immediate needs are,” she said.

Immediate needs vary from case to case.

A “Comfort Kit” isn’t the only thing they can provide.

They can also provide clothing, shelter, food and even emotional support.

Biggs says the organization can do this by issuing “Client Assistance” cards.

“They’re like credit cards and so we put money on there for food and clothing and other assistance that they need,” she said.

If the assistance you might need isn’t one the organization can provide, Biggs says they have a solution to that.

“We work with other agencies in the area and will give them a referral to that agency, maybe salvation army or good will,” she said.

Health assistance like re-filling prescription is also a need the organization can provide.

Emergency responders don’t always call the Red Cross” to help victims.

If they don’t you can call them to figure out what immediate assistance they can give you.

The organization is also available to lend assistance in other disaster situations.

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