Renew Kansas tags online

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansans who want to save a trip to their local county treasurers’ office can benefit from WebTags, the Kansas motor vehicle online renewal system.

The Kansas Department of Revenue has partnered with to provide a convenient online solution which allows Kansas motorists to renew their vehicle tags electronically with an e-check check or credit card. Over 450,000 online motor vehicle renewals were processed in 2013.

“The simple process of renewing your vehicle tags online represents a great time-savings to Kansans. WebTags allows people to renew their eligible vehicle tags from the comfort of their home or office,“ Jeannine Koranda, Kansas Department of Revenue, Public Information Officer

To renew online, all of the following must be true:
• The vehicle must be currently registered in Kansas
• You have a Kansas motor vehicle registration renewal notice that contains a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
• Your address on the renewal notice is correct
• The vehicle is insured by a participating insurance company.

Renewals conducted online are processed and mailed within 10 days from your local county treasurer’s tag office.

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