City looking at possibility of finding a new Chief of Police

Ron Miller


The City of Topeka is preparing to find a new chief of police after its current chief was nominated by the President for U.S. Marshal of Kansas.

Ronald Miller’s nomination has been sent to the U.S. Senate. A decision on the appointment is expected in the next few weeks.

Until then, the City Manager, Jim Colson says he and Miller will work together in the city’s search for a new chief of police.

A city spokesman says the hiring process varies.

City Councilwoman, Karen Hiller says if the Chief gets the U.S. Marshals job, it will be very difficult to fill Miller’s shoes.

“We need someone who can lead, who’s a great cop but who’s also a great manager of both personal and situations and issues as well as money,” says Hiller.  “It will be a challenge, I’m sure we’re up to it but again I’m proud of him and for him.”

Hiller says finding another candidate for chief of police could take nearly six months.


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