St. Patty’s Day parade brings big bucks to downtown business

“You know this is Christmas for us so it’s a big day. We actually wait all year for this. This is our holiday and our Superbowl.”

With patrons taking the party to the street. The Celtic Fox is the place to be when Topeka celebrates all things Irish.

Stockholder in the restaurant, Greg fox says, the event isn’t all about making a profit.

“How much money it makes doesn’t matter has much as what a great feeling it resonates in the city. I mean it really makes us proud to be downtown because we’re the heartbeat of this parade. We’re the ones that people go to and expect to have a great time so it matters a lot. ”

With an estimate of nearly 35 thousand spectators at the parade.
Edie Smith with Downtown Topeka Inc. say, events like this are helping people re-discover downtown.

“Just the stores that I’ve walked into and checked with some of the dining establishments they’ve been very busy and have seen a lot of new faces and that’s what we want is for people to discover what’s downtown.”
Fox says, it’s just a place to come and celebrate the holiday.

” We never have violence, it’s always people just having a great day. Really it’s super.”

For some the entertainment is the parade, for others it’s the party and a chance to enjoy themselves.

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