Expert: grocery prices to increase due to drought

Many of your favorite products are going to cost more.

Kansas State University Agricultural Economist Glynn Tonsor says extreme drought in certain states will affect us all.

California is known as the salad bowl of the country, but the drought is decreasing the amount of vegetables and nuts produced there.

Prices on those products may go up anywhere from 5 to 20 percent.

Meat also costs more because of the drought in Oklahoma and historically fewer cattle.

And it’s not just the weather that’s hiking up the prices-diseases affecting pigs are also taking a toll.

“There are animal health issues in the pork industry that will most likely have a notable reduction in the available pork to consume in the second half or maybe the middle of 2014. Consumers when they walk in the grocery store are going to have to continue to juggle what they put in those baskets,” Tonsor said.

Tonsor says the animal health issues in the pork industry do not affect the health of humans-but it will mean pork is going to be pricier.

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