KidzLit Program

There’s a new program to get kids excited about reading.

Kansas First News rporter Vanessa Martinas tells us about the KidzLit program at the Topeka Boys and Girls Club that focuses on building vocabulary and a love of reading.

Rene Armbruster is the KidzLit program administrator at the Boys and Girls Club.

She says the program is designed for underprivileged kids in kindergarten through third grade.

“Right now I’m concentrating on the second and third graders because the third graders will be moving on and then they won’t be eligible for the grant or the program next year once they get into fourth grade,” Armbruster said.

The Boys and Girls Club is receiving the grant as part of Governor Brownback’s “Reading Roadmap” initiative.

Its purpose is to improve the reading proficiency among Kansas grade school students by incorporating a wide variety of learning methods and that’s just what Armbruster does.

Every time she starts reading the kids a new book, she dresses up like the characters to make it fun for them.

“So this program is designed for them to listen to stories and then become excited about wanting to read themselves,”she said.

The program is meant to help kids comprehend what they’re reading not teach them how to read.

“It’s that hearing of the word and hearing the patterns of how sentences are put together to make paragraphs and learning new vocabulary words that makes kids successful in school,” she said.

The program is currently designed to instruct kids in reading comprehension for two and a half hours a week.

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