Several dogs poisoned in Topeka

Local Veterinarian Clinic, Potwin Pet Clinic, warns of recent poisonings

At least three dogs in Topeka have been poisoned in a weeks time in Southeast Topeka. As Nicolette Schleisman reports, it has pet owners all over the city worried.

“I don’t think I’ll be leaving him alone for too much longer until they find whoever is doing this,” said Ralph Keener, pet owner.

Three dogs from different owners in Southeast Topeka were poisoned from rat poison that was dropped in their yards. Ralph Keener lives in that area with his pets, including his dog – Roscoe.

“I’m watching my dog that’s for sure. Can’t imagine somebody doing that,” said Keener.

“One lady did say she did see a white van throwing stuff out,” said Dr. Leon Conner, veterinarian with Animal Care Center.

More than a week ago, Dr. Leon Conner treated the three dogs who came into his veterinarian practice with rat poisoning. One did not survive. Rat poison makes it impossible for the blood to clot and the dog will bleed out. It only takes a small amount.

“It makes me sick. A dog isn’t just a dog. A dog is a part of the family, that’s why we get them, to complete our family,” said Cathy Slattery, pet owner.

Veterinarians say that if you think your pet has ingested rat poison to take them to a vet immediately, because if you wait for the symptoms, it could be too late.

Vets treat rat poisoning with Vitamin K, but even then, an animal has to be closely monitored, the poison can stick around in their bodies for more than six weeks.

“As long as we get them on the vitamin k, which is the antidote, they’ll do great as long as they’re eating,” said Dr. Conner.

Pet owners just want the poisoning to stop.

“What if a child got a hold of it and it killed a child too?” asked Slattery.

There have been no new cases of the rat poison reported. Doctor Conner says if a dog has ingested the poison, they will show symptoms of an upset stomach. A vet can do a quick clot test to see if it is from rat poison.

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