Emporia disc golf business is seeing big results from expansion

An Emporia disc golf business is seeing sales skyrocket after opening it’s first distribution warehouse two months ago. For Jeremy Rusco, owner of Dynamic Discs business is good.

But when Rusco opened up the distribution warehouse in January it was a new beginning.
“This new expansion has just really done more things than we really could have ever imagined it to do.”

Now, he and his 20 employees are seeing big benefits of the expansion.

“As far a discs, I mean we’re well over 100 thousand and it just keeps growing and of course you know they just keep going out the door as well. We expect it continue and really see no sight of disc golf in the growth.”

This expansion has brought not only growth in disc sales but it’s made shelves that were once full of merchandise, bare.
Pushing the company to find more help.

“It’s a constant struggle, there’s no doubt about that. We just have to keep ordering product and ordering product. Things are going out the door quicker than ever and we’re looking to bring more people on board. Definitely need to hire some more people and we’re working with the local university to help handle the work load.”

In light of the company’s success Rusco is even working on the branding of the company’s own shoes to put out on the market for players.
“Just actually put down the deposit to get into the production and we expect to have those in roughly two months.”

It’s full steam ahead for this disc golf business and sights couldn’t be set any higher.

BIG event coming up for Dynamic Discs is called the “Glass Blown Open” which takes place May 2-4.

Dynamic Disc information

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