Governor Sam Brownback discusses NCAA Tournament

Governor Sam Brownback sits down to discuss the NCAA Tournament with Kansas First News Sports Director Alex Wiebel.

It’s the third straight season that all three NCAA Division I schools in Kansas made the NCAA Tournament.

Governor Sam Brownback said he likes it that way.

“I would say this is kind of our natural position as a state,” Brownback said. “The sport of basketball really develops here. This is the cradle of basketball. It was born in Massachusetts. Then, Dr. James Naismith moves here and the early sport takes off. So, it’s kind of a natural for us and it’s exciting that it’s all happening at the same spot.”

His love for basketball began at an early age and he hasn’t seen a season quite like the Wichita State Shockers (34-0) campaign.

“WSU going undefeated is just so unusual to make it through an entire season with the equity of talent out there and the quality of coaching to go undefeated,” Brownback said. “That’s phenomenal.”

There’s plenty of basketball history in Kansas and Governor Brownback was one of the boys that grew up loving the game.

“The best memory for me was after I would watch a college basketball game, grew up watching a lot of KU basketball, I would go out on our gravel driveway on the farm and try to imitate the shots that they were taking,” Brownback said. “Of course, I wouldn’t get that done but boy I thought I was good.”

Governor Brownback will attend Friday’s games in St. Louis.

“You know it’s a real chance for us to shine to the world,” Brownback said. “Go Wu Shock, Jayhawk and Wildcat.”

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