Toilet Ad Sparks Change

(KSL)  A Salt Lake City, Utah company is rolling out a new ad campaign and offer for customers after a previous mailer featuring a child playing with a rubber ducky next to an open toilet drew criticism over insensitivity and safety concerns.

The new Any Hour Services ad slated to go out this weekend features the same child standing next to a toilet that has the seat lowered and a child safety lock in place. The ad also has photos of Lark and Vince Martinez and their deceased son, Tregory, and bears the inscription, “Keep your toddlers safe & clean with toilet latch.”

In 1994, Lark Martinez returned to her bathroom to find then-14-month-old Tregory face down and unresponsive in the toilet.

He suffered massive brain damage and ultimately died.

The new ad has the full support of the Martinez family.

“That’s the one thing Lark said, that if she would have had that safety device, things would be much different now,” said company president Wyatt Hepworth, who consulted directly with the family about the new advertising direction.

Hepworth said the company, starting immediately, will install a free child-proof latch with any plumbing purchase over $50.

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