Landscape companies work through Monday snowfall

They’ve been a rocky first few days of Spring and landscapers are among the most frustrated.

“I think everybody’s the same, you know, when’s this going to end,” says owner of Stauffer Lawn & Landscape, Pete Stauffer.

Some tasks are saved for another day.

“Our normal bed maintenance and clean ups that we do this time of year, because of the snow, we stopped that because it just got to be too much of a mess,” Stauffer says.

Others can bear the dreary weather.

“They’re digging up footing for large retaining walls, patios, steps and this morning when we started out it was very nice working conditions and now it’s not it’s not very nice,” Stauffer adds.

Snow can make for some muddy working conditions but crews say they get the job done.

“It does slow things down a bit but we just tredge through it,” Stauffer adds.

He looks on the bright side – this snow adds a little more moisture to those plants ready to bloom.

“In the next week or two when it warms up, if it warms up again, the moisture is going to help things pop, you’re going to see the trees budding out more and you’re going to see things start to bloom, it’s going to be that time of year but we just need more consistent warm weather to do that,” Stauffer says.

Stauffer adds some people can spread seed on their lawns after a snow and the moisture helps the growing process, but typically he recommends spreading seed in the fall.

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