A place to sing their hearts out

lawrence special needs choir

There’s a place in Lawrence where they’re using music to bring adults with special needs out of their shell.

For six years, the choir at Cottonwood Inc. has given adults with special needs a place to sing their hearts out.

It started with seven members, now there are 40 people who sing hits like “John Denver’s Country Roads” or “Elvira” by the “Oak Ridge Boyds.”

Maestro Lynn Stover says she’s seen normally shy members light up when the music starts, especially one member named Patrick.

“We all like Patrick, but he was kind of quiet and to the side because he didn’t use as many words to communicate but now he just puffs out his chest and walks in and he’s ready to go so he feels really good about it.

Stover is retiring soon, she tells Kansas First News that it will be impossible to really let go, she enjoys it just as much as the members.

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