Airport expansion project moves ahead in Osage City

Osage City Council finally made a decision on a nearly $4 million airport expansion project.

To a packed room of concerned and curious citizens, Osage City’s council decided to pass an expansion project for the Osage City airport.

“I was almost in tears I am so happy,” said Cathryn Houghton, a former Osage City Council member.
“I was very very relieved I think the only reason it was unanimous was because the council chambers were completely full standing room only,” said Mike Handly, and Osage City Resident.

This decision comes after weeks of not knowing what could happen to nearly $4 million being given from the FAA. Voters approved the original project and the money nearly 25 years ago. Which caused some concern for a few council members.

“The people who support the project, really did not support the idea of going back and er-voting on it especially considering the number of councils in the past that have voted to go through with it,” said Handly.

This is an annual decision for the council. Kansas Department of Transportation Aviation members were in attendance to stress to the council that the FAA was just concerned about keeping the airport safe, and if they do not comply with the safety updates, the money would go away.

“I can sleep tonight,” said Rick Potter, an Osage City resident.

The project will cost the city a little more than $200,000. But where that money will come from is still unknown.

Council members were supposed to have a decision made in February. But they were able to get an extension from the FAA.

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