Rock Chalk Park set for Kansas Relays debut

Rock Chalk Park is set to make its debut for the 87th annual Kansas Relays.

The Kansas Relays will have a new home when the 87th annual event is set to begin on April 16.

Rock Chalk Park is nearing the end of construction which began less than a year ago.

“This year, we’re going to be able to see what it’s going to be when it’s all complete,” KU Associate Athletics Director Jim Marchiony said. “And that is, one of the really, really good facilities in the country.”

The track itself is now just the fifth in the country to meet international standards which will allow the facility to host conference, national and international competitions. It’s already been named the site for the 2016 NCAA West Preliminary Regional.

“What makes this track different from 98% of the tracks in the United States is material that’s put into the track, and the quality of the material that’s put into the track, and the size of the track,” Kansas Relays meet director Milan Donley said.

One of the major differences between this track, and the one at Memorial Stadium, are the lanes.

Memorial Stadium have just eight lanes, while here, there’s a ninth. Plus, the lane width. Memorial Stadium is 42 inches, while these, are 48.

“What it all equals to is giving a track that has the opportunity to be fast on the oval, and allow the opportunity for great performances on the runways,” Donley said.

Rock Chalk Park will also be the home of Jayhawk softball and soccer in the future.

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