2014 Red Ribbon Luncheon and Training Seminar

Keeping teens drug free.

That was the focus of today’s Red Ribbon Annual Luncheon and Training seminar.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas explains how both students and educators benefited.

Red Ribbon Campaign organizer Maria Torrez Anderson wants teens to know the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

“This is the opportunity for them to see other kids who are involved in the same type of activities and have the interest of remaining alcohol free and tobacco free and drug free,” Anderson said.

Middle and high school students from Topeka, Denton, and Alma learned about the physical and mental effects of both.

Students were also told the punishments they could face if they were caught doing either.

One student says Thursday’s seminars prepared him for future situations.

“This training conference we really learn how to say ‘no’ when people ask if we want to do certain things and learn how to influence other people to make the right decision,” High School student Broderick Topil said.

The conference was an eye opener for teachers and school administrators too.

They learned how to approach teens during either situation.

One school administrator says he definitely learned something new.

“Lot of the information with alcohol usage, drug usage gives me a lot of good tools to take back and do presentations with our students and those workers,” Topeka School Resource Officer Chris Curry said.

Gathering information today to help teens for tomorrow.

Teachers and school administrators also learned about the legal aspects of teen use of drugs and alcohol.

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