Expocentre looking to add improvements

The Kansas Expocentre is looking to add multimillion dollar improvements.

After Country Music Star, Darius Rucker took his concert to a Salina venue, Expocentre officials say they are frustrated.

H.R. Cook, regional manager of the complex, claims improvements are needed to help draw not only artists but people as well.

They host 700 events  a year and Cook says they want to step up their competition. He thinks 45 million dollars would get the job done.

“Our needs are basic, just to keep the building open for the next 10 years, they estimate 12 to 13 million dollars and that’s just to keep it open, not to remain competitive,” says Cook.  “You know 45 million dollars will make it happen, that’s not a pie in the sky figure, we could easily spend more.”

Cook estimates that improvements would cost nearly 63 million to stay competitive with other cities in the region.

Expocentre Marketing Manager, Phil Thompson says they are asking the County Commission to fund the renovations through the half cent sales tax renewal.


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