Child care license fees are going up in Riley County

Growth in Riley County has new day cares opening every month.

Starting July 1, 2014, some child care providers could be paying more for their license.

Right now, licensed day care providers, independent pre-schools and child care centers are paying $35 a year for their child care license.

Depending on the provider, the increase could affect parents as well.

Day care providers say, yes, it is more money but keeping the kids safe is priceless.

One of these day care providers, Diana Caldwell has been taking care of rugrats for almost eight years now. She pays a $35 annual fee for her child care license.

“It’s worth the money it’s worth it I was surprised like I’m sure everyone else was because the fee was almost doubled,” said Caldwell.

She’s talking about a fee increase approved at a Riley County commission meeting on March 24, 2014. The annual fee will more than double to $65. The change could be seen as a sign of economic growth in Riley County as new day cares open their doors. More child care centers means more visits.

Child Care Licensing Surveyor, Breva Spencer, will use the additional money generated to ensure the safety of the kids.

“We use those fee’s for instance for me to go out and do compliance checks for my time as well as the vehicle, gas for the vehicle. I also do trainings,” said Spencer.

Spencer educated day care providers in medical and safety training for kids. With 134 child care providers and counting in Riley County, more money was needed.

“Those costs will help with the child care licensing budget and try to help kind of stabilize it so we are able to help with trainings and have me go out as many times as I need to go out to illegal child care complaints which are providers who are non regulated.”

Caldwell says the fee is helpful.

“I can certainly say that i have been benefited by the services provided.”

Whoever has already paid the annual $35 fee before July 1st will not be required to pay the additional $30 until their licensing renewal next year.

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