RCPD and Manhattan Fire experiment with “firecop” Twitter hashtag

A simple hashtag from a Riley County Police Officer has taken over Twitter – and put a cop and a firefighter in each others’ places.

“I can’t remember if they tweeted it or if we tweeted it but somewhere along the line I said that I could do what they do,” says Officer Mat Droge.

Playful banter on Twitter between the Riley County Police Department and Manhattan Fire Departments has turned into a collaboration. It’s called #firecop – a 6-hour live tweeting event that pairs a police officer with firefighters, and vice verse.

“I haven’t been able to find a time where two emergency agencies that do similar things but very different things have worked together like this on social media,” Droge says.

Whether it’s a serious emergency or just what they’re having for dinner, Droge is not holding anything back.

“Nothing will be left untweeted,” he says.

All jokes aside, Droge says this is a chance for both departments to better understand each other.

“I know as a cop when I get to the scene of a fire, something serious like that, I always feel better when MFD arrives and I imagine that if they get into a situation that would require police, they would feel the same way,” he says.

The live-tweeting event was from 6p.m. to midnight Friday and Droge hoped #firecop would trend on Twitter.

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