Burn ban in Osage County

A burn ban has been issued for Osage County effective immediately through April 28, 2014 or until further notice. Ken Kuykendall, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, authorized the ban following recommendations of Bryce Romine, Osage County Emergency Management Coordinator, Laurie Dunn, Osage County Sheriff, and local fire chiefs due to the presence of dry conditions and lack of moisture that increase fire danger in Osage County. The burn ban resolution is in effect when the rangeland fire danger is very high or extreme and/or a Red Flag Warning is issued.  These conditions have created multiple fire calls over the past weekend.

During the burn ban the following activities are prohibited outdoors:

(a) The careless use and disposal of smoking materials, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars and pipes. All smoldering remains shall be discarded in inflammable containers and in a manner to reduce the potential for fires.

(b)  Building, maintaining, attending or using any open fire or campfire, except in permanent stoves or fireplaces or in barbecue grills in developed recreational sites or on residential home sites.

(c)  Burning of all fencerows, fields, wild lands, ravines, trash, debris areas or materials.

The county’s resolution states, “As provided in K.S.A. 48-939, the knowing or willful violation of any restrictions adopted pursuant to this resolution shall constitute a Class A misdemeanor and shall be punished as provided by law therefore.”

Rangeland fire danger information can be found on the Osage County web site at www.osageco.org under Emergency Management, Osage County Sheriff or at www.facebook.com/osagecoem

We ask that if you are going to burn check the rangeland fire danger and contact Osage County Sheriff Dispatch Center at 785 828 3121 before burning with name and location of burn.


For more information contact Bryce Romine, Osage County Emergency Management Coordinator at 785 828 3323 or Laurie Dunn, Osage County Sheriff at 785 828 4657.

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