Strong winds, surge of calls keep firefighters busy

Firefighters kept up with a number of grass fires spreading across Northeast Kansas Monday afternoon.

“Dry season is real crazy, on days like this where it’s windy,” says Michael Lynch with the Auburn Fire Department.

Those winds are rekindling some controlled burns from the weekend.

“The trees will, they’ll stay lit for a couple days,” Lynch says.

Joe Lewis and a few neighbors were able to get a fire under control at 29th and Carlson before firefighters even got on scene.

“I’d want somebody to do that for me, if it was my house and I wasn’t home and it looked like there was a fire, I would hope someone would pull in and at least check on it, call somebody if necessary,” Lewis says.

Although the fire was in Dover’s district, the Auburn Fire Department responded while Dover crews battled a different blaze in Eskridge.

“We have 160 acres here and it’s burnt everything but the brohm which is I think 35 and this little patch here, everything else has been hit,” says homeowner Rita Knole.

The fire blew through her farm, across the street and through several more lots of land.

“With this wind you just can’t stop it,” Knole says.

That’s why these firefighters say it’s so important for departments to support each other on days like this.

“Mutual aid is a big deal, Silver Lake had Topeka Fire and firefighters from Jackson County so we all help each other,” Lynch says. “If we have fire department a fire down in our district we’ll call mission or dover and it’s just camaraderie and stuff.

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