Hovering Hawks On The Attack

(WESH)  Birds are usually a sight for sore eyes but, in this case, they could just leave you sore.

Two adult hawks have been dive bombing employees and citizens heading in and out of the library in Port Orange, Florida.

The male and female are protecting three babies in a tree.

A half dozen people have been attacked including several library workers and patrons.

One patron had to go to urgent care when the bleeding wouldn’t stop.

“It was scary. Because it made a really good impact with my head,” Ernie Lopez said.

Lopez doesn’t know if it was a male or female adult hawk that messed with his head but he says the talons dug in deep enough to draw blood.

“That bird probably swooped down on me and I thought it was a stone. Then when I felt it was bleeding, said Lopez

We saw mom or dad flying back and forth for hours and got a peek at what they’re so demonstratively safeguarding at least three babies.

Because they’re federally protected officials cannot easily remove the hawks nest.

So instead, staffers are using umbrellas to escort people in and out.

Others are wearing hoods to make the mad dash.

Fran Thomas however brought her own umbrella after an attack last week.

“I never saw him. He moved very fast. Never heard him coming or going. But my scalp is still sore,” said Thomas.

Thomas says she felt something tangle in her hair thought it was bird droppings and shrugged it off.

“Son of a gun he came back and got me on the back of my head right here. He really got into my scalp. I didn’t bleed,” said Thomas.

Several signs are posted warning of the nesting creatures but officials say this particular species of hawk is very aggressive and apparently sees people as a problem.

Should folks continue to get injured the county would have to consider getting state and federal permits to legally remove the nest but they’re hoping by getting the word out and providing cover that in a few weeks the babies, the hawk family, the problem will fly away.

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