Marysville group working to preserve the Union Pacific Depot

MARYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNT) – Plans are in the works to bring a 1920’s building in Marysville back to life. Monday night, a non profit organization and numerous residents met to talk about restoring the former Union Pacific Depot.

Built almost a century ago, the Union Pacific Depot in Marysville once was a spot for travelers.

“I think a lot of it is nostalgia,” said Rick Shain, city administrator for the city of Marysville.

In the 1960s, passenger service was cut. Since 2009, the Union Pacific Depot has sat vacant.

“There is some fry-able asbestos in the outer layer of stucco. Once that’s removed, we will put on a fresh layer of stucco on the exterior to protect it,” said Rachel Frye, Chairman of the Marysville U.P. Depot Preservation Society.

Just this year, the city bought the depot for $151,000, with intentions of selling it to the Marysville U.P. Depot Preservation Socitey for $20,000, to fix up the building so it can be used again.

“Some sort of historic and educational facility, it’s a large building, lots of square feet. So we can use part of it for that, or all of it, it just depends what the community wants to do,” said Frye.

The Preservation Society will also get land north and south of the property through the deal. But, the city will keep ownership of some of the land.

“We put a trail in a few years ago, there’s a trail up north, it just happens that the UP depot here would kind of be a connection point,” said Shain.

Plans are to restore this building to its former glory.

“History makes us who we are today. The people that built this back in the 20’s, and the people who came here and the rail road itself made Marysville what it is today. And I think it’s important that our future generations appreciate that,” said Frye.

The first step is to make sure it is safe, and protect the building.

Marysville is funding the purchase of the building through a sales tax that has been in place for 15 years. The Preservation Society will then pay for their part through donations.

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