Searching For Heroes


(KPNX)  An Arizona family is searching for the Good Samaritans who came to their aid during a frightening ordeal atop Piestewa Peak.

“I thought I was going to lose my son for one and for somebody to step up and help us after that was huge,” Kerwin Franklin says.

Franklin and her boys were hiking Piestewa Peak when they had their close call.

9-year-old Cole was swarmed by bees.

“He’s just flailing his arms and screaming,” Franklin recalls.

“I didn’t know where I was going and almost went off the cliff,” Cole says.

Kerwin raced to grab her son as he approached the edge of a precipice.  Both tumbled over the side.

Cole and Kerwin lay prone, inches from sliding over the cliff.

That’s when other hikers rushed to help.  Strangers pulled the mother and child to safety; Men removed their shirts and helped a nursing student apply first aid.

Kerwin needed a Phoenix Fire Department helicopter rescue.

It took 40 stitches to close her wounds.

Two young men volunteered to lead the frightened children down to safety.

“To me it was huge because you don’t realize how many people in a crisis would step up for you, and obviously it inconvenienced them and their day, but they didn’t even think twice,” Franklin says.   “I thought I was going to lose my son, for one, and for somebody to step up and help us after that was huge.”

The Franklins met one couple who helped them, and now they desperately want to meet the others who made a difference.

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