Topeka Zoo announces pregnancy of rare Sumatran Tiger

TOPEKA, Kan. (City of Topeka) – Jingga, the Topeka Zoo’s 3-year-old Sumatran tigress, is pregnant.

“Sumatran tigers are critically endangered,” Topeka Zoo Director Brendan Wiley said. “Only about 500 are left in the wild, so this pregnancy represents a great contribution to the conservation cause for these amazing animals.”

Zoo animal care and veterinary staff have been conducting weekly ultrasound examinations for the past month.  The pregnancy was confirmed two weeks ago through one such exam.  “We saw two, potentially three cubs,” Wiley said.  “We will continue to monitor the pregnancy with weekly exams.”

Zoo officials anticipate Jingga will give birth around the first week of May.  “We are ready,” Wiley said.  “We have prepared a birthing den that Jingga will have access to as the date approaches.  We will continue to monitor her needs and the needs of her cubs when she delivers.”

“Once they are here, it will be about 90 days before the cubs are on public display for the first time,” Wiley said.  “We are sure these cubs will be loved, adored, and welcomed to the Topeka Zoo family.  Right now, our focus is on first time mother Jingga and making sure she has everything she needs.”

For updates throughout the pregnancy, community members are encouraged to follow the Topeka Zoo’s Facebook page.

The Proud Parents to be:

Rojo – Male

Date of Birth – Dec 5, 2006

Born at the San Diego Safari Park

Jingga – Female

Date of Birth – March 18, 2010

Born at the Sacramento Zoo

General Information:

 Gestation period – about 103 days

  • Average litter size – 2 to 4 cubs
  • Cubs are born blind and completely helpless
  • The mother provides all of the care for the cubs


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