Cedar Crest turned blue for World Autism Awareness Day

cedar crest

Topeka – Kansans driving by Cedar Crest Wednesday night noticed the house was bathed in blue light.  Kansas First Lady Mary Brownback says the lights were part of the Light It Up Blue event, bringing awareness to World Autism Awareness Day.

Light It Up Blue is a unique global initiative that kicks-off Autism Awareness Month and helps raise awareness about autism. This initiative is kicked off by the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness day, April 2.

“The blue lights will be up this evening to symbolize our support for World Autism Awareness Day,” Mrs. Brownback said.

The Light it Up Blue initiative and World Autism Awareness Day aim to increase and develop world knowledge of the autism crisis and impart information regarding the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention. Additionally, World Autism Awareness Day celebrates the unique talents and skills of people with autism.

For more information on Light It Up Blue and Autism Speaks, visit www.autismspeaks.org.

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