Construction crew find time capsule in wall home, locate family member

(KPNX) Sometimes in life we draw up blueprints. But fate has other plans.

That lesson hit home recently for contractor John Murray of Phoenix, Arizona.

You see, while knocking down walls of a 1950’s north Phoenix 4 bedroom John discovered the contents of a partially opened time capsule.

“It was on the floor over there with a pile of insulation. We’ve done hundreds of house, but never found anything like this,” said Murray.

There was a photo and an open letter written for a future generation.

“The date is September 27th, 1966”

The message penned by a 33 year old Betty Klug.

We did some digging and located Bruce Klug, Betty’s husband now 79 years old living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It turns out Bruce was unaware his wife left this behind in the house that he sold off in the 1980’s. and the letter was written the day he turned 31..

“September 27th, geez that’s my birthday,” Klug said.

The letter would become a delayed birthday gift to Bruce.

10 years after she deposited the time capsule in the walls of their home betty died in a car crash.

“I don’t know how i did it. Went back to work within a week. We had the best marriage. Not once did we argue about anything,” Klug said.

For a few moments on this afternoon, this letter would unearth old memories each sentence prompting a precious recollection.

Time capsules provide observations about politics and culture. But Bruce says if there’s a message here it is to value who you love.

Because as Bruce will tell you things don’t always go as you planned.

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