Two men say police wrongly shot them with pepperballs

(KVOA) Edward Laber and Daniel Anderson say they were just asking an officer how to get out of the area of Tucson Arizona where unruly students had gathered after the Arizona Wildcat lose in the NCAA Tournament Saturday.

Neither one knew each other they just happened to be by Gentle Ben’s when they say the officer unloaded on them.

Edward says he turned around to protect his face with hands still up in the air when police shot him with a pepperball.

He was shot a total of 17 times, Anderson was shot at least nine times.

Video from attorney Gary Spector who is representing Laber and Anderson shows it’s in a moment of calm after the shots were fired…when suddenly officers rushed the students as they recovered from the shots

The video shows the officers’ reaction as one man shouts their actions are being documented.

The irony of this incident 24 hours prior to Laber’s arrest…he was sitting next to a Tucson police officer representing the city as a prosecutor.

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