Hi-Tech Pet Finders

If your pet is a bit adventurous, listen up.

There are new ways you can keep track of your furry friend.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us about some new, hi-tech methods that make it easier to find your cat or dog if they go missing.

Charles Woltje had his dogs micro-chipped when he first adopted them, he thinks it’s important.

“We see so many, see so many animals that are lost and you know they can’t tell you where they live and they can actually save lives,”he said.

The chips allow animal control, shelters and veterinarians to identify your pet if someone finds them.

The tiny disc contains information about the owner.

Margaret Price is the director of animal welfare at the helping hands humane society.

She says pet owners can purchase them in many places.

“And a veterinarian can do it, the shelter can do it, so if you don’t want to come see us or can’t come see us talk to your local veterinarian and they can microchip your pet for you also,” she said.

Not only can you chip your pet to make it easier to find them, there’s also a new phone app called Positive Identification of a Pet, or PIP that can help.

The app works like this, users can upload a picture and make a posting of their lost pet.

If an app user finds them, they can take its picture and with facial recognition technology it helps match the picture to the lost animal posting.

Price says there are other online avenues to get your lost pet back.

“We always encourage people to look on Craigslist and then on Facebook Topeka lost and found pets,” she said.

You can chip both dogs and cats.

If you chip or use the new phone app, make sure you update your contact information if you move or change your phone number.

The Helping Hands Humane Society will be hosting Tag Day tomorrow where you can microchip your pet for $25.

It runs from noon until 4:00 p.m.

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