SC Commissioner takes stand against ACA

File Photo

Shawnee County Commissioner Bob Archer has taken a stand against The Affordable Care Act.

Archer was the only vote at Thursday’s County Commission Meeting against sending two health agency employees to an out of state training program to teach them how to enroll in the law’s new health exchanges.

Archer says he was voicing the opinion of his constituents.

Commissioners also approved $10,000 to create a full time mental health professional as part of a community wide crisis intervention program.

They will be employed by Valeo Behavioral Health Care and stationed at the Law Enforcement Center.

“To divert those away from jail who are suffering from mental illness but also to enhance the safety and security of the officers and the citizen who is in crisis,” says Shawnee County Corrections Director, Brian Cole. “So this is a benefit to everyone in the community that we have safer alternatives for those who are suffering with mental illness.”

The County, Topeka Police Department and Valeo will donate $10,000 each for a six month trial of the program, which is expected to start by July 1, 2014.

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