Power restored in Osage County after outage

Westar Energy is reporting a power outage late Wednesday morning in Osage County.  According to a Westar Energy spokeswoman, the outage was reported at approximately 11:35am Wednesday.  Gina Penzig said utility crews headed to the area at midday to try to find the source of the outage.  She added a fire near Reading in north Lyon County may or may not be the cause of the outage.  According to Westar Energy’s website, 3180 people are without power.  Penzig said crews will try to get service restored to those customers through alternate circuits while they search for the cause of the initial outage.  Osage County Sheriff Laurie Dunn told Kansas First News that the fire near Reading is in a wildlife refuge area that rekindled from a previous fire two days ago and that today’s winds started the fire back up, but that there was no immediate danger and is in a primarily wooded area.

UPDATE:  Westar Energy spokeswoman Gina Penzig said the outage was related to a fire on a transmission pole about two miles south of Reading.  She said that crews were able to restore power to all customers  at approximately 1:15pm.

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